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Currently shooting – Young wild souls at dusk

Before I was lucky enough to bear 3 amazing little cherubs, I loved photographing children. I’m of the belief that we are born perfect. I mean on a soul level. It might sound a little woohoo but if I look into the eyes of a newborn I just can’t help to think that this little… Read More

Musically blessed

Here’s a poster I designed for the very talented and beautiful singer songwriter, Meg Doherty. I was rapt when Meg briefed me for this job. Meg has an amazingly soulful folk style and her tour poster needed to express this so we kept it earthy with a limited colour palette and had a lot of… Read More

4 Years in the making

Far out brussel sprout. Time flies! It’s Isla’s (my oldest daughter) 4th birthday. Where did those 4 years go! I’m not going to get all mushy and rave about this special kid because no-one needs to know how much I love her other than the birthday girl herself and she doesn’t read my blog. But… Read More

Summer holiday fun

I remember once reading that when someone ask’s, ‘what’s your favourite day of the week?’, the best reply is ‘today’. I like that… a lot. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here now so you ought to celebrate the moment. Same goes with seasons. My favourite season is, well, this one! But I have to… Read More

Emma Skye turns 1!

So the little one has already reached her 1st birthday and what a year it has been! With this grand milestone, a party was imminent. A chance for friends and family to gather and an opportunity for Mummy to get a little creative. We decided to make use of a beautiful local nature reserve that came with a rotunda… Read More

Up the Aisle

On a muggy Saturday late February I was out and about camera in hand with the wonderful task of shooting another wedding. I started the day at the bride’s family home, a beautiful cheerful family who I’ve know since my early childhood. The bride, Jess, was so classically stunning I’m sure you’ll agree and so darn… Read More

Christmas Tree Hunt

Well this photography session was a lot of fun! My parents have a Christmas Tree Farm that is undergoing quite a few changes therefore they needed some new photographs for their marketing materials. We needed our photos to show just how much fun choosing a tree can be and I immediately knew who to ask… Read More

Welcome to the World

22 is happy to finally announce the safe arrival of Emma Skye! Emma arrived into the world on 11 September therefore the focus of my workload has somewhat shifted. Whilst I haven’t had time to work on my 22 Design & Photography projects I did manage to snap some pics to share. They are pretty raw but I… Read More

Our ‘Tilly Girl’

In preparation for our newest family addition due to arrive any day now I’ve really slowed down on the work front and therefore haven’t posted for some time. But this week I felt the need to share a very heartfelt story and some pictures I’ve taken over the years. Unfortunately last Saturday night my husband… Read More

Social Kids

The founder of this business approached me with a fantastic brief…bold and fun! Social Kids is about children hence for the logo I was about to use fun fonts and bright colours whilst being simple and ‘to-the-point’. I will update this post down the track with more materials but for the time being, here is… Read More

The other side of the World!

My husband and I share a love for travel. We like to throw ourselves out of our comfort-zone and fly abroad landing ourselves into the great unknown. It is daunting, exciting, scary, exhilarating and liberating. After a lot of damn hard work and very frugal living, we decided to push home reno’s aside and head… Read More

Welcome to the World!

These artworks were produced by 22 for some dear friends whom not long ago welcomed their beautiful bubs into the world. It was nice to give a gift that was unique and personal. They proved to be popular; with one friend requesting another artwork for the newborns’ sibling! Mmmm…I wonder if I’ll ever get around to making… Read More

S & B Logo Design

This isn’t the first time I’ve had to design a logo for a Landscaping business (click here to see another one) however you can see they are completely different. The client for this logo required a clean and simple logo (because they are generally the best logos) that not only displayed a lot of text but… Read More

We are moving…

Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm came to me with an interesting dilemma. They were open for business as per usual in December 2013 however wanted to prepare their customers with the news that they will be selling their beautiful trees on a new site for the Christmas Tree season in 2014. The brief; To communicate this… Read More


It’s always a delight to photograph children; they’re so energetic and natural in front of the camera. This small bunch are cousins and their thoughtful parents thought it’d make a lovely gift for the Grandparents to get some natural and playful shots taken for Christmas. This is how I like to photograph children; in their… Read More

Amelia and Tom’s Wedding Photography

Early this year, Amelia and Tom asked me to be their official photographer on their Wedding Day. Yes, I was humbled but more so a little frightened. You see, photography has always been a hobby for me – and whilst I’ve dabbled in a little commercial work mainly due to the fact that I’m a… Read More

Why use a Graphic Designer?

People are very clever on so many different platforms today and I’ve often seen people tackle their design/photography projects on there own. This is fantastic and for the most part I strongly encourage it. I love that an Accountant by day would photograph a wedding on the weekend or a School Teacher would design their… Read More

2 Scoops!

Here is a glimpse of an invitation for a Baby Shower I’ve been working on. All baby shower’s are special but this one is extra special because it’s for the arrival of twins. Hence, I thought the ‘2 scoops theme’ was a bit of fun. Best wishes to the ‘mother-to-be’!  

Baker Ebert Logo

I love logos. They represent what you pour your heart and soul into…your business. One brief glimpse of a logo can tell someone what you do and what you’re about. This logo needed to be sophisticated yet represent 4 core elements of Baker Ebert and that is that it was industry focussed, global, provided education… Read More

Branding for Julie Corletto

I was delighted when Julie herself approached me with this job. She’s a wonderful person and may I add I was once lucky enough to be her team mate. That doesn’t put me in her league – she is a superstar; but it makes me proud that I once played netball with a superstar. So… Read More

Anne & Harald’s Wedding Stationery

Many years ago I did a short stint of student exchange where I was lucky enough to be placed with a truly wonderful host family in rural France. I manage to keep in touch all these years later and my host sister asked if I’d like to design her wedding stationery. I was delighted! She… Read More

Loving my camera

Last weekend I treated myself to a photography course run by a beautiful local photographer whom takes amazing newborn and family portraits…you can check out her stunning work here Though I’ve loved my photography for some time now I still have a lot to learn and Melanie certainly packed my head with a lot of… Read More

Throwing the bouquet

I wasn’t the photographer at this wedding because I was too busy being a guest as it was my brother and sister-and-laws’ big day. But when it came the moment to throw the bouquet, I couldn’t help myself…my camera had to come out of the bag. It was one of the first weddings I’ve attended… Read More

Cambro Hydronic Heating Logo

My husband is passionate about Hydronic Heating. It’s bred into him. His grandparents launched Cambro Hydronic Heating in the 60’s. His parents have been running the show for the past couple decades and now my very talented husband also helps run the business along side his folks and they employ my husband’s brother. Now that… Read More

Kristy and Trevor’s Wedding Invitations

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. A brilliant party starts with a brilliant invitation. And this wedding was brilliant and may I humbly say that 22 was happy with this invitation design. My wonderful brother and dear sister-in-law asked me to come up with a wedding invitation for them that not only… Read More

Lisa and Warren’s Wedding Photography

I know it might sound cliché, but it really is such an honour to be asked to photograph a wedding. When Lisa and Warren asked me to do the job I was delighted. This beautiful couple are perfect in front of a camera and their love for each other certainly showed. It was a rainy day… Read More

Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm Logo

Sometimes the most challenging logos are for those closest to you. And in this case, this client is just about as close as you can get. My parents approached me with a need for a logo for their Christmas Tree Farm. So we had to push aside our family ties and cut to the chase… Read More

Move It Mobile Physiotherapy

Another new business… another new logo! This client wanted a logo that wasn’t gender specific that appealed to all age groups. Obviously, showing an active person in the logo shows good health and ‘Move It’ is placed in an energetic typeface showing movement rather than just saying it. After all this work at a computer,… Read More

Isla’s 1st Birthday Party

Ok…I know this website isn’t about party planning so may I say that this post is a little bit self indulgent. Earlier this year we celebrated my daughters’ 1st birthday. And I designed the invites based on a Wedding invitation that I had already designed and loved. So my work was done…sort of. You see,… Read More

Prominent Landscape Logo Design

An aquaintance approached me with the request to produce a logo for his new landscaping business, Prominent Landscapes. It’s such a bold risk starting your own business and obviously you invest your heart and soul into your new venture. This is why I love to design logos. People are passionate and in this case, my… Read More

Photography in Africa

I love travelling. I’m not sure if it’s the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone. Or if it’s the feeling of being on an adventure. Or maybe it’s just about having your own space. But I’ve always loved the idea of being a little nomadic and taking off and seeing where you end… Read More

About Me

At age 14, my careers teacher asked me what I’d like to do when I grow up and all those years ago my answer was; ‘I want to be a Graphic Designer’. After 15 years of studying, working in the newspaper industry and then in an Information Design Agency in good ol’ Melbourne town, I… Read More