Why use a Graphic Designer?

People are very clever on so many different platforms today and I’ve often seen people tackle their design/photography projects on there own. This is fantastic and for the most part I strongly encourage it. I love that an Accountant by day would photograph a wedding on the weekend or a School Teacher would design their own invitations. But you can’t underestimate the skills of a trained professional and whilst some of us might be pretty handy in Powerpoint or Word, you do have to ask yourself, ‘would it just be easier and more time effective to handball this job to a professional allowing me to use my time where I’m most skilled?’.

I’d never diss anyone for having a crack but there’s certainly no shame in delegating.

The example below shows a flyer produced by a wonderful volunteer at my local community garden whom knows every plant inside and out. I love to help out at the Garden but unfortunately I’m not much of a green thumb. But when I saw the flyer I thought…there’s something I can improve! So I jazzed it up a little and thought it would be good to show you the difference between a home job and hiring a trained Graphic Designer.

NWN Garden Flyer

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