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22 is happy to finally announce the safe arrival of Emma Skye!

Emma arrived into the world on 11 September therefore the focus of my workload has somewhat shifted. Whilst I haven’t had time to work on my 22 Design & Photography projects I did manage to snap some pics to share. They are pretty raw but I wanted my images to capture the true authentic mood of our first week. Yes; I look tired and whilst tempting to use a little retouching under the eyes in good ol’ PhotoShop, I felt this would’ve been a lie. Fact is, motherhood is extremely tiring in these early weeks and I honestly wanted to cherish and remember this!

I have had some professional pics taken by a very talented local photographer; adairephotography.com.au; which I can’t wait to share when they’re ready for show. But in the meantime here’s some from my own collection.

EE 22 Design & Photo-01

EE 22 Design & Photo-02

EE 22 Design & Photo-03

EE 22 Design & Photo-04

EE 22 Design & Photo-05

EE 22 Design & Photo-06I’d like to thank everybody for their well wishes, support and consideration at this crazy, wonderful time as we settle as a family of 4. Though I’m not currently ‘working’ per se, I’ll never stop designing, photographing and creating as anyone who knows me well, knows that I love having a project on the go.

It’s just that Craig’s and my latest project needs lots of TLC as we work on designing a beautiful life for our little Emma.



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