Up the Aisle

On a muggy Saturday late February I was out and about camera in hand with the wonderful task of shooting another wedding.

I started the day at the bride’s family home, a beautiful cheerful family who I’ve know since my early childhood. The bride, Jess, was so classically stunning I’m sure you’ll agree and so darn relaxed that I’m still yet to meet a bridezilla! From the brides’ home I set off to the delightful rolling hills of Drouin where the two lovebirds would tie the knot. The church was stunning and Civic Park made for a perfect back drop to take photos not only by the beauty there but also the fact that the grooms’ parents also had their wedding photos there!

Thank you so much to Jess and Dave for choosing me to photograph their special day. It was so great to see Jess (whom I shared many a Saturday arvo with serving chips from behind the counter at the local footy club many moons ago) marry her handsome prince and I wish you all the best for a long, happy and healthy life together as Husband and Wife.

JV Wedding Folio

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