Photography in Africa

I love travelling. I’m not sure if it’s the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone. Or if it’s the feeling of being on an adventure. Or maybe it’s just about having your own space. But I’ve always loved the idea of being a little nomadic and taking off and seeing where you end up. And though there is photography inspiration EVERYWHERE, there’s something about being a fearless and relaxed nomad in an exotic location that brings your photographer’s gut instincts to the forefront.

In 2006/07 my husband and I set foot in Africa for what was without a doubt one of the best trips that we’ve ever been on. Just before we set off my amazing family gifted me with my first digital slr and boy am I so glad they did! The camera was lugged with us everywhere and completely worth the effort. At night in our tent my camera was safely nestled between us to avoid the rain that constantly poured down. It came on safari. It sat in a canoe safely by my feet. It joined us on the beach with my only beach towel wrapped around it. It came to the pub and it walked with lions. My shoulder was sore but I’m so glad I persevered for now all that remains of our Africa trip are amazing memories and beautiful photos that I am really proud of.

This shot was taken in Stone Town, Zanzibar. I love that with each photo is a back story that both my husband can fondly reminisce about. In this case I had been walking the streets of Stone Town when my poor husband was tucked away in the bed of our hotel room struck down with a chilling fever. All he could do occasionally was look out our window and enjoy watching locals go about their business. I popped my head out the window and captured this image.

Stone Town by 22 Design & Photo


Whilst enjoying a campfire in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, one of our crew checked that our canoes were safely moored before nightfall when I snapped this picture. It’s truly reminiscent of that evening – unusual, exotic, tranquil and beautiful … take me back already!

Sunset by 22 Design & Photo

And what’s an African Safari Adventure without a lion! This lion was basking in the sun when I took these photos. It was beautiful and though I’ve never been a huge lover of cats I very quickly developed a huge amount of respect for this big kitty.

Lion by 22 Design & Photo

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