Summer holiday fun

I remember once reading that when someone ask’s, ‘what’s your favourite day of the week?’, the best reply is ‘today’. I like that… a lot. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here now so you ought to celebrate the moment. Same goes with seasons. My favourite season is, well, this one! But I have to say, I’ve always had a soft spot for Summer. The warmth, the balmy evenings, the outdoors and for my family it’s holiday time!

Craig (husband) and I love holidays. Not the poolside with a book and pina colada type but rather the adventurous type. Just getting out and about and seeing something new. An adventure is necessary for the creative soul which is why I guess kids travel so well. It’s fun to shake up the routine. For me, it’s nice not knowing where my head will lie in the evening. Explore new places and see new things. I can’t stress just how important this is for me. Without a little adventure in my life I feel claustrophobic; stuck and uninspired. So I’d never say no to a camping holiday!

Our Christmas present to ourselves was a new tent. It’s a Black Wolf Turbo Lite Cabin 450 and I highly recommend it. It’s roomy and has a generous annex. Plus, the best bit, it can be fully erected in less than 10 mins. All by one handy person. This suits us perfectly because we generally don’t stay in the one spot for very long. So it’s fair to say we fell in love with our tent on this trip. So much so it has a name; ‘Eagle Landing’ and a travel diary that gets thrown in the bag when it gets packed up. Also, some leftover bunting from Isla’s 1st birthday gets strung across the front where we can write the places the Eagle Landing has rested.

Here are some snaps from our first ever night in Eagle Landing up on the Murray on Richardsons Bend.

DCTF 22 Design & Photo Summer 2016-01


Now because we didn’t really want to plan a holiday we had no accomodation booked. Trying to pitch a tent anywhere on the south east coast of Australia over the New Years period isn’t as simple as it would seem…it’s a busy time! So we headed inland to our nations capital, Canberra. We couldn’t visit Canberra without dropping into Parliament House. ‘Cos every family should have a selfie in the House of Representatives ; )

DCTF 22 Design & Photo Summer 2016-02


After a few days seeing the sights in Canberra we decided to try our luck on the coast. We were hopeful of finding some space at Jervis Bay but no chance so we continued our way down the coast to stumble upon this pocket of gold, Congo. Beautiful rainforests and camping along a tidal river flowing into a pristine beach, we were more than happy to set up camp for a few days here.

DCTF 22 Design & Photo Summer 2016-03


And back on the road we headed south through some truely magical countryside. Honestly, our Australian coast is magnificent. We stopped in Eden and enjoyed a beach crawl where we discovered truely the most magical beach I have ever seen. What was it called? If I tell you I’ll have to kill you ; ) We’ll revisit for sure!

DCTF 22 Design & Photo Summer 2016-04



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