Currently shooting – Young wild souls at dusk

Before I was lucky enough to bear 3 amazing little cherubs, I loved photographing children.

I’m of the belief that we are born perfect. I mean on a soul level. It might sound a little woohoo but if I look into the eyes of a newborn I just can’t help to think that this little being is unspoilt, untrained, wild, intuitive and has a knowing that is wise beyond words.

Fast forward a few years and you have a little person that laughs easily, moves intuitively, loves unconditionally and is still relatively unfiltered with whatever words they choose to use. As we get older we tend to overthink and can be all too consumed about how we’re perceived. But kids on the other hand, they’re still free from the restraints and rules of society. They’re crazy, wild and free.

Which is why I really love to photograph children. And I really want to do more of it so my first photographic project will be focussing on (pardon the pun) children. I hoping to capture their wildish nature. They’re sporadic moods and movements. Their joy. Their sadness. Their play.

I am also working on warm, natural light in my images so I’d like to endeavour on this project in the great outdoors; probably at dusk to really enhance and delve deep into the element of warmth. 1.5 hours is required for the shoot. You choose the location but bear in mind I want to be able to see the sun.

As my first self-appointed photographic assignment, the cost of a shoot is just $100 (unless I have to drive long distances to cover my fuel). This will get you approximately 100 downloadable images as digital jpgs that you can do what you please with.

So, if you have any little subjects that you’d be keen to offer up for this project please let me know : )

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