We are moving…

Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm came to me with an interesting dilemma. They were open for business as per usual in December 2013 however wanted to prepare their customers with the news that they will be selling their beautiful trees on a new site for the Christmas Tree season in 2014.

The brief; To communicate this message to their existing 2013 customers.

The following are pictures of some of the materials 22 did to promote the ‘We are moving’ Campaign.

Firstly; new business cards for customers to take as they please.

DCTF1 22 Design & Photo DCTF2 22 Design & Photo


A postcard explaining the move with a map of the new location and Dandenong Christmas Tree Farms’ contact details.

DCTF3 22 Design & Photo

DCTF4 22 Design & Photo


DCTF5 22 Design & Photo

DCTF6 22 Design & Photo

A big poster for the wall; again with the all important ‘We are moving’ message.

DCTF7 22 Design & Photo


The owners wanted to run a couple competitions to encourage customers to sign up for their newsletter and ‘like’ their Facebook page so they can keep in touch in 2014 to notify them of the new address once more.
So here are the flyers produced for competitions.

DCTF11 22 Design & Photo

DCTF12 22 Design & Photo

DCTF13 22 Design & Photo


And posters…

DCTF14 22 Design & Photo

DCTF15 22 Design & Photo

DCTF16 22 Design & Photo


Plus of course an invitation to ‘Like’ Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm on Facebook

DCTF17 22 Design & Photo


Because Facebook is an essential way to share information;

DCTF8 22 Design & Photo

DCTF9 22 Design & Photo

DCTF10 22 Design & Photo


Competition vouchers/cards;

DCTF18 22 Design & Photo

DCTF19 22 Design & Photo


And the all important ‘Mailing List’ so customers could leave their details.

DCTF20 22 Design & Photo

I’m sure the message got out there and the Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm will be super busy at their new site in 2014!














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