Branding for Julie Corletto

I was delighted when Julie herself approached me with this job. She’s a wonderful person and may I add I was once lucky enough to be her team mate. That doesn’t put me in her league – she is a superstar; but it makes me proud that I once played netball with a superstar.

So Julie needed a logo that represented herself as one of Australia’s best athletes that would resonate well with her fans whilst being classy and professional as Julie herself oozes these traits.

Working in collaboration with Julie; this is what we ended up with.

JC1 22 Design & Photo

Smart and simple.

We also designed a smashing new website that Julie passed onto her own coder to build for the net. Click on the thumbnail to see how it looks

JC web design by 22 Design & Photography

Please note that all of the photos on Julie Corletto’s website were supplied by Julie Corletto and were not taken by 22 Design & Photography.

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