Isla’s 1st Birthday Party

Ok…I know this website isn’t about party planning so may I say that this post is a little bit self indulgent. Earlier this year we celebrated my daughters’ 1st birthday. And I designed the invites based on a Wedding invitation that I had already designed and loved. So my work was done…sort of. You see, I didn’t realise all of the design opportunities that ensued in creating a party. I got to undust the sewing machine and make some bunting, try my hand at cake decorating, pull out a piece of illustration board and draw to make a thumbprint tree, design and make tags, labels, games and decor and get my creative geek on. This was loads of fun…pity the day was 40 degrees but the kids didn’t seem to care. And unfortunately I didn’t get time to take as many photos as I would’ve liked but here are a few to have a look at.


Isla_1 by 22 Design & Photo

Isla_2 by 22 Design & Photo

Isla_4 by 22 Design & Photo

Isla_5 by 22 Design & Photo

Isla_6 by 22 Design & Photo

Isla Timeline 22 Design & Photo

Isla Party 22 Design & Photo

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