Christmas Tree Hunt

Well this photography session was a lot of fun!

My parents have a Christmas Tree Farm that is undergoing quite a few changes therefore they needed some new photographs for their marketing materials.

We needed our photos to show just how much fun choosing a tree can be and I immediately knew who to ask to be my model. Introducing Miss K…a delightful and intelligent little girl whom the camera just loves. She has a seriously cheeky smile that lights up her whole face and the most gorgeous locks of hair I’m sure you’d agree!

As she ran amongst the trees with her siblings I snapped away and here are just some of the results.

DCTF_KK 22 Design & Photo1-01 DCTF_KK 22 Design & Photo-02 DCTF_KK 22 Design & Photo3-03

Thanks to Miss K and her dear Mum for bringing her kids along to the farm and dressing them so beautifully for the shoot. I can’t wait to see children young and old searching for their tree this December!

I also wanted to photograph a family searching for a tree for the Tree Farms’ materials and was able to persuade my big brothers’ little fam…Thanks for the fabulous modelling guys!

DCTF 22 Design & Photo ZacFolio

If you haven’t ever had a real Christmas Tree before I highly recommend it…it was so much fun watching the kids run through the forest!

You can check out the Christmas Tree Farms’ website here

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