4 Years in the making

Far out brussel sprout. Time flies! It’s Isla’s (my oldest daughter) 4th birthday. Where did those 4 years go! I’m not going to get all mushy and rave about this special kid because no-one needs to know how much I love her other than the birthday girl herself and she doesn’t read my blog. But I’m really truely grateful for the wondrous little person that came into my world 4 years ago. She’s been a marvel and continues to push me to be the best version of myself possible (and she doesn’t even know it!). The amount of creative passion motherhood has ignited for me has bought tonnes of joy.

So birthday cakes are really special to kids. Who knew? I’ve always enjoyed a spot of baking and it turns out decorating cakes is kind of fun. I wouldn’t give up my day job to do it but I’m happy to decorate a couple cakes a year.

Now let’s get something straight. I’m no cake decorating pro. But this is what I love about being creative. To be creative you have to be fearless. And you have to be prepared to ‘eff’ up. And the good thing about making this cake was that whilst it didn’t really work completely to plan, it didn’t matter.

The little one wanted a ladybird cake. Cool. That seemed simple enough. I baked small black cakes in cake pop tins (Choc cake with added food colour), then I made red velvet cake mix that I poured into a tin that I’d placed the small black cake spheres in and baked in the oven. The idea was that the outer ladybird decoration continues inside. Not sure if anyone noticed but it was fun trying to make it. As I turned out the cake from the tin and it broke away, I just quickly stuck it back together whilst it was still hot. And when I smeared ganache over it (hoping that would cement it together) I laid over a layer of fondant. At this point it was far from perfect. Actually, it was pretty messy. But I’m patient. And determined. No ladybird was going to get the better of me! I just covered up bumps and ripples with spots and ladybird paraphernalia (just jump on pinterest if you ever want some cake decorating inspiration) and it all turned out ok. Sure, I saw all the imperfections; but imperfections don’t niggle me. Actually I embrace them. So the cake looked ‘homemade’. That’s ok. It was charming. And you know what; it was in fact ‘homemade’.

So my point is; next time you want to try something new and you’re not very confident…DO IT ANYWAY! And embrace the failures and stay committed to the task at hand. You might surprise yourself!

Enough advice from me… time for some cake : )

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