Hubby, puppy and home
My home and family prior reno’s and the little ones’ arrival

At age 14, my careers teacher asked me what I’d like to do when I grow up and all those years ago my answer was; ‘I want to be a Graphic Designer’.

After 15 years of studying, working in the newspaper industry and then in an Information Design Agency in good ol’ Melbourne town, I was very happy with my career choice. I loved my work – local newspapers allowed me to work at a community level and Information Design opened up a whole world of design that improved my work as I was thinking as much about functionality than simply making things looking pretty. This was indeed a breakthrough for me as a designer and I take great pride in working for my clients needs rather than satisfying my own love of design.

That said, when you love to design it is important to explore your creativity and have a little fun; and this is where photography comes in. I’ve loved photography since high school days. Watching an image appear before your very eyes in the darkroom offered such a buzz that I quickly became addicted. And for me, the idea of freezing a fraction of time in a picture is exhilarating. So whilst I have had lots of fun taking pictures, other people enjoyed my pictures too as I kept getting asked to take pictures for them. So I thought, give the people what they want! I’m so excited about this venture and teamed with my Graphic Design skills I believe I’ve found my calling.

I have a wonderfully supportive husband – he lets my explore my creativity even when it means I’m painting yet another wall colour or landscaping the backyard; a gorgeous bub and crazy beagle who keeps me on my toes. And in my spare time I enjoy keeping fit and healthy and playing a bit of netball.

I’m hardworking and get loads of enjoyment out of people loving their new logo, business card, family portrait, newsletter, and so on!

As that saying goes, ‘Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in you life again’. I’m a blessed soul!

If you need the services of a Graphic Designer or a Photographer, please email me or pick up the phone. If you just want to keep in touch feel free to follow me, poke me or tweet me!

Melinda – 0400 052 115



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