Date Archives June 2013

Baker Ebert Logo

I love logos. They represent what you pour your heart and soul into…your business. One brief glimpse of a logo can tell someone what you do and what you’re about. This logo needed to be sophisticated yet represent 4 core elements of Baker Ebert and that is that it was industry focussed, global, provided education… Read More

Branding for Julie Corletto

I was delighted when Julie herself approached me with this job. She’s a wonderful person and may I add I was once lucky enough to be her team mate. That doesn’t put me in her league – she is a superstar; but it makes me proud that I once played netball with a superstar. So… Read More

Anne & Harald’s Wedding Stationery

Many years ago I did a short stint of student exchange where I was lucky enough to be placed with a truly wonderful host family in rural France. I manage to keep in touch all these years later and my host sister asked if I’d like to design her wedding stationery. I was delighted! She… Read More

Loving my camera

Last weekend I treated myself to a photography course run by a beautiful local photographer whom takes amazing newborn and family portraits…you can check out her stunning work here Though I’ve loved my photography for some time now I still have a lot to learn and Melanie certainly packed my head with a lot of… Read More

Throwing the bouquet

I wasn’t the photographer at this wedding because I was too busy being a guest as it was my brother and sister-and-laws’ big day. But when it came the moment to throw the bouquet, I couldn’t help myself…my camera had to come out of the bag. It was one of the first weddings I’ve attended… Read More

Cambro Hydronic Heating Logo

My husband is passionate about Hydronic Heating. It’s bred into him. His grandparents launched Cambro Hydronic Heating in the 60’s. His parents have been running the show for the past couple decades and now my very talented husband also helps run the business along side his folks and they employ my husband’s brother. Now that… Read More

Kristy and Trevor’s Wedding Invitations

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. A brilliant party starts with a brilliant invitation. And this wedding was brilliant and may I humbly say that 22 was happy with this invitation design. My wonderful brother and dear sister-in-law asked me to come up with a wedding invitation for them that not only… Read More

Lisa and Warren’s Wedding Photography

I know it might sound cliché, but it really is such an honour to be asked to photograph a wedding. When Lisa and Warren asked me to do the job I was delighted. This beautiful couple are perfect in front of a camera and their love for each other certainly showed. It was a rainy day… Read More

Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm Logo

Sometimes the most challenging logos are for those closest to you. And in this case, this client is just about as close as you can get. My parents approached me with a need for a logo for their Christmas Tree Farm. So we had to push aside our family ties and cut to the chase… Read More